Enshrining Fetal Personhood – Stop the Insanity!

ALERT:  The Alabama Supreme Court just ruled that embryos are “extrauterine children” at any stage of development! This court, like many others including the US Supreme Court, is controlled by religious extremists. (AND, yes, they actually used that term  extrauterine!!)

WHY ALABAMA MATTERS TO YOU: This is part of MAGA extremist move to enshrine fetal personhood in our laws nationwide. Just picking one site-specific example: In 2018, under MAGA Trump’s rule, Alabama was empowered to passed a measure recognizing fetal personhood.

Remember when Texas’ SB 8 – the first law banning abortion at 6 weeks (measured from a person’s last period!) and allowing your neighbor to enforce it – was unfathomable? This is a whole different attack on privacy and the right to choose to be a parent or not.

This Alabama first-of-its-kind decision has huge widespread and horrific implications for anybody who seeks or provides in vitro fertilization (IVF).

We are counting on YOU to help stop the Insanity!

While Alabama’s doctors and patients struggle to untangle the practical implications of the sweeping ruling, the University of Alabama has “paused” all IVF services. What does it mean for the nation?

This is a national MAGA religious extremist agenda.

We need to stop them and to do so, we need YOUR help to elect a Pro-Choice Trifecta! We must take back the House and hold the Senate and White House.

The key to control of the House runs straight through New York. In 2022 New York lost 5 Pro-Choice Blue seats to MAGA Red Anti-Choice Republicans – and one of those seats is right here in Westchester County.