IMPORTANT UPDATE: SCOTUS & Medication Abortion

On Friday, April 21st, the US Supreme Court decided to stay a ruling to restrict mifepristone, leaving access and legal standing UNCHANGED for now.

This is a “stay,” not a “decision.” Medication abortion is still in jeopardy. This case is certain to come back to the Supreme Court.

And there are already new lawsuits heading toward the Supreme Court challenging abortion protections, even in states—including New York—where abortion is currently legal.

Anti-choice extremists didn’t stop with Roe, and they won’t stop here. Will you help ProChoice Voter fight back—for medication abortion rights and all the other reproductive rights that are now under threat?

They will keep going until they have secured a national abortion ban, and the threat to abortion goes far beyond this case alone. We cannot wait until 2024 to take action.

This is the same Supreme Court that struck down Roe in 2022. Two justices, Thomas and Alito, have already shown how they would rule in their dissenting opinion yesterday.

That’s why we’re moving forward, fighting back at every level of government.

Will you help with an emergency donation to help combat anti-abortion disinformation and save access to the abortion pill mifepristone?