Starting Friday – Medication Abortion Banned in New York


Last Friday, one single federal court judge in Texas blocked access to medication abortion for all women. He decided in favor of an extremist anti-choice group and against the FDA and millions of women across the country.This Trump appointee outlawed the use of medication abortion’s key drug, mifepristone. This ban is scheduled to go into effect on April 14th. He made his decision on trumped up claims that have no foundation in medicine. Mifepristone was approved by the FDA more than 20 years ago. It is safe.

Within hours, another ruling came out – this time from a federal judge in Washington State. This ruling basically stated that mifepristone is safe and that the FDA should continue its distribution as is – BUT it only applies to the 17 states that joined the case. New York is NOT one of those states. 

Regardless of these warring decisions, on Friday, April 14th, medication abortion – which makes up 53% of all abortions in the United States – will be illegal in New York. Only a stay from the ultra conservative 5th Circuit Court of Appeals could stop this. This may find its way to the US Supreme Court.

This means that, starting Friday, everyone seeking abortion care in New York (and New Jersey) will need to have a medical procedure, rather than the process known as medication abortion facilitated by taking 2 pills up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

The only real recourse is to elect a prochoice trifecta in 2024 – which means taking the majority in the House of Representatives and Senate, and keeping a prochoice president in the White House.
We need to stop relying on a broken court system, and instead pass abortion rights into law nationally. Help us elect prochoice leaders to Congress.

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Help us take control away from extremist judges by electing prochoice candidates to Congress who will pass the laws we need.