ProChoice Voter Denounces Lawler for Fundraiser with Kevin McCarthy, Republicans Seeking to Ban Abortion Nationwide


White Plains, New York – Today, ProChoice Voter released the following statement on Mike Lawler fundraising with the leaders of efforts to ban abortion nationwide.

“Mike Lawler has no qualms about accepting money and support from the radical leaders working to ban abortion nationwide because he supports their extreme and dangerous efforts to control women’s health decisions. Lawler consistently voted against women’s reproductive freedoms in Albany and he will do the same if elected to Congress. 

“Today, Lawler hosted a fundraiser with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy who has consistently pledged to pass a national abortion ban if Republicans retake the House. McCarthy is here in the Hudson to support Lawler today because he knows Lawler will be a rubber stamp for their extreme, anti-choice agenda.

“A vote for Lawler is a vote to ban abortion nationwide. That’s why Kevin McCarthy is here today.”


Kevin McCarthy’s Efforts to Ban Abortion Nationwide:

Under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership, Republicans in Congress have introduced 52 bills to ban or restrict abortion nationwide, including 16 bills that call for criminal prosecution of doctors and nurses and four that target the ability to travel to obtain an abortion.


  • McCarthy pledged to pass a nationwide abortion ban shorlty after the Dobbs decision was released in June of this year. 
  • Just this week, McCarthy doubled-down on their plan to ban abortion by releasing a GOP agenda that highlighted House Republicans’ priority to “protect the lives of the unborn.”

Lawler’s Anti-Choice Record: